10+ Ways to Trick Out Your Facebook Professional Page


Whoo-boy, do I feel stupid! I set up my Facebook professional page ages ago, but I just realized that I’ve never completely built it out. Facebook gives us the opportunity to create a professional presence that’s almost as robust as our own websites, so why not take advantage of all our professional pages have to offer? Here are at least 10 ways you can improve your page so that Facebook users who find you will know exactly what you’re about.

You'll start by finding the tabs menu located on the far left of your professional page screen. It works just like a navigation menu on a website, and each tab offers unique ways to customize your page.

1. Home tab bio photo. I wrote about this a while back, but I’ll say it again. It’s important to have some kind of photo here that communicates the idea that you’re an artist. A great head shot is good, but one that somehow says “I’m an artist” is even better.

2. Home tab header photo. The extreme horizontal format of this photo area can be tricky for some, but try to find a piece in your collection that fits this size, even if it’s just a portion of one of your pieces. 

3. About tab details. Make sure you’ve filled out all of these options here correctly, especially your contact info. You never know when someone will see some of your art and decide to contact you about buying it!

4. About tab “Story.” I love this feature! You’ve probably already written out a long version of your bio story for your website, so you can take that, edit it down to 200 to 300 words, and plop it in here. Let people know more about you! This is what art marketing is all about.

5. About tab “Milestones.” This is a feature that I just discovered, and I wish I had known about it sooner. Every time something big happens, like an important exhibit or commission, go to the “More” drop-down menu under your home page header photo, click on “Create Milestone,” and fill out the form. Milestones make great posts, but they also become a running record on your professional page (see image just above) that adds impressive credibility.

6. Services tab. Do you have any special services that you offer, such as teaching or commissions? Add them here!

7. Reviews tab. This is a great place to take those testimonials from your website and duplicate them here. Let Facebook visitors know just how happy your collectors are with your work.

8. Photos and Videos tabs. Facebook automatically archives the photos and videos you post to your professional page, which is great, but you can add more. Why not build out a small library of images and video clips of you and your artwork here? Again, it just makes it easier for those Facebook users who wind up on your professional page to learn all they can about you.

9. Manage Tabs tab. Okay, now this is the bomb. This is where you can really make your professional page your own. Click on Manage Tabs, then scroll down. You can actually rearrange the order of your tabs menu or eliminate any tabs you don’t want. And if you keep scrolling, you’ll see a button at the bottom of the standard list where you can Add Tabs.

10. Manage Tabs Templates. But wait, did you catch that bit at the top about templates? There are different templates you can use for your entire professional page, so you may want to explore those, too! 

So there you have it—at least 10 different ways to customize your Facebook professional page to reflect your brand and promote your art. I’d love to know what you’ve done with your page, so drop me a note below. Let’s connect!



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