Finding New Collectors on Pinterest

Many of us use Pinterest to keep track of cool things we find on the Internet, but it’s also a great tool for showcasing artwork, depending on your target market. Most Pinterest users are women in the 30- to 60-year-old age range, most of whom are interested in decorating their homes with style. So if that’s who you think may be interested in purchasing your artwork, don’t miss this opportunity to promote your work for free. Here’s how to put your artwork on Pinterest in a way that enables people to find it. 

Step 1. After setting up your Pinterest account, you want to set up one or more bulletin boards where you’ll eventually “pin” your artwork. If you have different styles or subjects, you might consider setting up a separate board for each type of work. Be sure to name your boards with clear names that let people know what you’re offering.


Step 2. Then hop over to your artist portfolio website, and pin each painting or work of art that you’d like to showcase on Pinterest. Work through your portfolio piece by piece, pinning (clicking on the Pin It icon that should pop up on the upper left corner) each one to the appropriate bulletin board.


Step 3. And now for the essential last step. Go back to Pinterest, and work on each artwork that you’ve pinned there one by one. When you hover over each image, you’ll see some icons pop up. Choose the “edit” icon, which is the one with the pencil, so that in the description box you can label each piece with the title, a descriptive phrase (like pastel landscape painting or watercolor flower painting), and—of course—a series of hashtags.


By posting your artwork on Pinterest and tagging each one of your artworks with a description and the appropriate hashtags, you’ll make it possible for all the other Pinterest users to find your work when they’re looking for art. Of course, Pinterest is a social media platform, so you'll get even farther if you interact with other users and invite them to view your work. Got any other questions? Let’s connect!


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