DIY Art Exhibitions: Collaborate With Your Local Artists

Hello from Seattle! As many of you know, I’ve been living in Cincinnati, Ohio, for many years but about two weeks ago, I made a big life change by moving to the Seattle area. What an adventure! This is the land of artists, and I’ve been enjoying exploring my new surroundings, especially with all the great artwork and fine crafts to be found everywhere.

In fact, this past weekend I enjoyed going to the Camano Island Artist Studio Tour, which is such a great idea that I just had to share it with you. Here in western Washington, there are quite a few art associations, and many of them organize artists’ studio tours so that art lovers can drive around, interact with artists working in their studios, and hopefully buy some wonderful pieces.


Watercolorist John Ebner's garden studio

The Camano Island tour is especially well organized by the Camano Arts Association. The tour features dozens of artists, some who exhibit collectively in galleries and others who exhibit individually or in twos and threes at various artists’ home studios. We saw paintings in every medium, sculpture, jewelry, ceramics, fiber arts, and more. There is a map to all of the locations available both in print and online, plus the association created great big signs guiding visitors to all of the different stops along the route. In this case, the tour runs for two weekends, but I’ve seen others, such as the Whidbey (Island) Working Artist Summer Open Studio Tour that only runs for one weekend.

Looking east from Camano Island, Washington 

For all you artists out there looking to create your own opportunities to exhibit and show your work, you might consider banding together with other artists who live near you and creating your own studio tour. With the right organization, cooperation, and promotion, you could make your artist studio tour a huge success!

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"Cuniforms," encaustic by Chaim Bezalel
Stone jewelry by Kathy Dannerbeck
"Jete," acrylic by Dotti Burton

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