Fueling the Desire to Buy Your Work

Over the last several years, a lot of artists have started showing off photos of their artwork in home and office settings. I’m sure you’ve seen the type of photo I’m talking about on many artists’ websites—photos of beautifully decorated rooms that include the artist’s artwork on the walls. What a great idea! It gives potential buyers a good feel for what your artwork will look like in their homes and offices, which just may help them get past any uncertainty they might have about purchasing art from you.

Tech-savvy artists have used Photoshop or other photo-manipulation software programs to add images of their paintings to photos of decorated rooms. If you have the necessary software and you’re willing to pay a little money for those base photos of rooms from sources like Fotolia, Getty Images, or Adobe Stock Photos, it’s a great way to go. You can choose the exact perfect settings that fit your brand.

But if you’re looking for a simpler way and don’t mind having fewer options in terms of the room photos you’re working with, you might consider using an app. There are quite a few web-based and mobile apps, such as Curioos and Walleries, that you can access or download for free or a nominal fee. They’re easy to find by doing an online search for something like “wall art apps,” and they’re super intuitive and easy to learn.

For example, I just used the WallApp from, and it took me less than five minutes to generate a couple of different photos displaying my own artwork. I selected one of their dozen or so base photos, dragged my jpeg of my painting to the designated spot, used the little corner "handles" to adjust the size and placement of the painting, then clicked the “Save File” button to download the final jpeg.


Have you tried using any of these apps? Which ones have you found to be the easiest to use? Are there any that have great selections of room photos? I’d love to hear more about your experience with these apps. Let’s connect!


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