How to Advertise Your Art Event for FREE

Whether you’re hosting an opening reception for an exhibition of your artwork or teaching a painting or sculpting or creativity workshop in your hometown, you’ll want to take every opportunity to promote your art event and get the crowds out. Obviously, you’re going to work your mailing list in every way possible, but did you know you can probably get some free online advertising, too? These days most towns and cities have online events calendars, usually maintained by local news media, and more often than not you can add your art-related events to those calendars for free.

I just moved to Kirkland, Washington, so I’m going to use that to demonstrate how to post your events. First step, a Google search for “[your town or city name here] online events calendar.” Look what popped up for Kirkland. Quite a few choices!

So I’ve clicked on the first one on the list, called Explore Kirkland, organized and maintained by City of Kirkland Tourism. Look at how many events are posted there. That’s a good sign, suggesting that lots of people are using this site. Notice how the left navigation menu includes a link to “Submit an Event.”

Great news! It’s a really simple online form, and it’s absolutely free.

Another form, for the, even allows you to upload an image related to your event. Bonus!

So why not give it a try? You never know who might stumble across your art event on a local event calendar and sign up for your art workshop or attend your art exhibit and buy a piece. To me, when it comes to marketing fine art, a little extra effort is worth the free publicity.

What other ideas do you have for getting free advertising? Let’s connect!

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