3 Tips for Promoting Your Art for the Holidays

Have you seen them, too? The holiday decorations popping up at the craft store and supermarket? The ads for great gifts sneaking into your social media feeds? Yup, it’s that time of year again. And just like the major retailers, we artists can and should engage in some special holiday promotions of our own. It's not too soon! Here are three quick ideas you can use:

1. Hold a customer appreciation event. There’s nothing better than holding an annual customer appreciation event, in my opinion. Not only is it a great way to express your gratitude to your collectors, it’s also a nice way to generate a few extra sales from the people who already have shown how much they love your work. And I think Autumn is a great time to hold such an event because many people are now sprucing up their homes for holiday gatherings and also thinking about gifts to give (and receive!). So, pull together a mailing list just of collectors and send them a special offer, such as a modest discount off all or some of your works. If this isn’t possible, it’s still not a bad idea to send your collectors a special holiday greeting by mail or email.

2. Offer a special deal for newsletter subscribers. Similar to a customer appreciation event, this idea is designed to generate sales to fans who may or may not have bought from you yet. Offering a small discount, even on some subset of your work, such as reproductions or small works, just could be the perfect little nudge for those collectors who’ve been on the fence about buying from you. Be sure to promote this several times via e-newsletters starting now and continuing into early December.

3. Pump up the volume on social media posts. As we all know, Facebook and Instagram’s newest algorithms have severely limited the number of people who see your posts. So, this holiday season, if you want to get anyone to notice you, you’ll need to post even more than ever. Just remember to omit the link to your website within your posts, and include those links down in a comment box instead.

The good news with all of these tips is that they’re super easy to implement. I know how busy we all get at this time of year, so it’s great to have a solid plan that doesn’t require much extra time but just may result in a few end-of-year sales.

What holiday promo ideas do you have to share? I’m sure there are lots more. Please share your thoughts on holiday promotions in the comment box below. Let’s connect!


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