Five Awesome Blogs for Fine Art Marketers

Jennifer King

Given that I’m a blogger and an entrepreneur and a marketing geek, it probably won’t surprise you at all that I love to poke around on the Internet to find interesting, useful blogs about business.

Given that I’m also an artist, I know that most of you, my fellow artists, don’t.

But then, I also know that many of you have reached the same conclusion I have, which is that whether we like it or not, fine artists are also small business owners who have to get involved in marketing. We’re smart enough to know that the more we learn about marketing, the more likely we are to be successful.

So, I’ve pared down my list of favorite blogs into the top five that I find inspiring, encouraging, and usually written in plain English so I can understand and apply what these experts are sharing. Here you go: 


This is probably my favorite go-to blog. It offers such a diverse range of topics, and they explain everything so clearly. The blog posts are often accompanied with infographics or links to videos that help you understand the basics of marketing, social media, and so on. If you only have time to read one blog, I think this may be the one.


A close second is Neil Patel’s blog. The guy is a social media marketing guru, and he is so willing to share everything he knows. He’s a prolific writer, so every week you will find at least one post that’s full of useful advice. Plus I just love his optimism. He’s like your own personal cheerleader saying “you can do this!”

Small Biz Survival

This blog is described as “the small town and rural business resource,” but in reality, it’s for people just like us. The posts are written for people who are experts in some field (say, a plumber or an interior designer) who are also running a small business. It’s for people (say, artists) who are trying to be smart about promoting themselves and making a living doing what they love. Straight talk. Good stuff.

Marketing Profs

Don’t be put off by the name. Although it is written for professionals, this blog is loaded with lots of quick tips on a wide range of basic marketing, advertising, and PR topics. Yes, occasionally it may get a little advanced. Just skip over those. Focus on the posts that appeal to you.

Copy Blogger

This one’s special, only for those of you who are blogging as part of your marketing efforts. These writers offer all kinds of wonderful tips on writing and editing as well as using technology for marketing. They explain that it’s actually pretty simple, not rocket science.

Please, I’d really love to hear about your favorite art or business blogs. What resources do you find most helpful? Let’s connect!

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