Four Benefits to Producing an E-Newsletter

Jennifer King

Lately I’ve been wondering about the value of artists writing their own e-newsletters. With so many easy ways to make digital connections with those who are interested in our work, are e-newsletters really worth the effort? It turns out that marketing experts working in many fields have been looking into this, too, and their conclusion is a resounding yes. Unlike other electronic communications—such as posts, blogs, and tweets—e-newsletters are far more likely to stand out among the sea of electronic messages we all get every day.

So let’s look at four specific reasons why art marketing e-newsletters are an effective way to promote our artwork:

  1. People prefer hearing brand messages via e-mail.It’s true—a recent study showed that more than 90% of us would rather receive a message about a brand, including an artist, that we’re interested in via email. When a marketing or promotions message arrives in our inbox, we feel better about receiving it because we asked for it and because we can decide when we want to read or interact with that message.
  2. E-newsletters make you look like the professional you are.Your artist's e-newsletter should include all of your big news, such as upcoming fine art exhibitions, art awards you’ve just received, painting trips you’ve taken, and big commissions you’ve just won. All of these successes add up to a picture of you as an artist whose work is worth collecting.
  3. Your content helps build customer relationships by adding value to their lives. One really great way to make sure people read and save your e-newsletters is to include useful information for art collectors. These could be tips on caring for fine art or explanations of art terms and materials related to your work. These nuggets of information are beneficial to your subscribers, and they’ll appreciate you for the insights you provide.
  4. Artist's e-newsletters drive traffic to your website, which can open the door to more sales. The images you include in your e-newsletters should pique readers’ curiosity and entice them to seek out more images on your website. Who knows? They just might like what they see so much that they decide to buy.

After thinking this through, I’m convinced that e-newsletters should be included in any artist’s marketing plan. The good news is that you don’t have to publish them monthly. You could choose to write one every other month or even quarterly. They’ll still have the desired effect of nurturing the personal connection you’ve made with people who like your work.

What do you think? What has your experience with artist's e-newsletters been like? And which e-newsletter service do you prefer, and why? Let’s connect.

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