5 Great Ways to Meet Art Lovers on Twitter

Jennifer King

What I love about Twitter is that it gives you the chance to connect with people you don’t know—new followers, new collectors, and new students—all through the magic of hashtags. Just in the last few weeks, I've connected with about 30 artists I'd never heard of before--cool! Combined with intriguing images, smart hashtags will help people find you—people who like fine art and have a specific interest in the subjects or style you work in.

I spent some time studying lots of artists' tweets to see how they're using Twitter as part of their art marketing strategy. Here are five great examples of how artists are using hashtags and images to connect with people who may be interested in their work:

  1. Show off new work. Every time you finish something great, post a sharp, clear photo of your latest work, and be sure to use hashtags that describe the type, style, subject, mood, or colors of your work. You never know what a buyer might be searching for so give her every opportunity to connect with your work.

  1. Promote your e-commerce site.Whenever you post something new to Etsy or whatever e-commerce site you’re using to sell your art, be sure to add a link to the new posting on Twitter. Here again, hashtags describing the type, style, subject, mood, or colors of the new work will help draw new buyers to your e-commerce site.

  1. Share the magic of making art. People are fascinated with how we artists make art, so show them! What hashtags would work besides style, subject, or medium? How about #wip for work-in-progress?

  1. Invite everyone into your studio. Another great way to share the magic of the studio is to post links to art-making videos that you’ve posted on YouTube or Vimeo. Hashtags like #fineart, #artstudios, #artvideos, and other tags that describe your favorite medium or style should help attract more viewers. #twitart and #arttwit are also very popular!

  1. Hold a drawing or contest. Let’s face it—we all love getting free stuff. If you’re a relatively new/emerging artist, you might consider giving away a small piece in order to attract attention to your work and build up your mailing list. Use hashtags that mention art, giveaways, and free drawings.

What other ideas do you have for using Twitter effectively? Let’s connect.

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