Posts That Tell Your Artist Story

Jennifer King

As I go through my own Facebook feed, I often see great examples of smart posts from other artists. So, since we've been talking about artists effectively marketing art through social media, I asked a couple of friends—Chuck Marshall and Gladys Roldan-de-Moras—if I could share a couple of their posts to show you what I mean. Notice how they all have an image, but more important, how they tell you something about the artist's character and interests. Their posts allow you to get to know them as professionals but also on a personal level. And they're short—it doesn't take much effort to build up an authentic impression of yourself over time through your messages.

This post from Gladys Roldan-de-Moras gives collectors a glimpse of a work-in-progress. Nice way to build excitement for an upcoming show!

As passionate about music as she is about painting, Gladys often posts links to the music she paints by, again letting collectors and fellow artists into her world and also getting them to interact with her message.

In addition to being a great painter who successfully shows and sells his work, Chuck Marshall is also an excellent art teacher. This post gives fellow artists a taste of what they will learn and experience if they study with him.

And remember how I said you could ask a friend to shoot a photo or video of you at work? Here's a photo of Chuck painting on location, taken by a fellow artist who posted it to her Facebook page, which then fed into Chuck's feed. 

Thanks to Chuck and Gladys for letting me share these great examples of effective social media art marketing posts! 

What examples do you have to share? Ideas? Thoughts? Let's connect.

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