Do You Really Need a Facebook Business Page?

Jennifer King

If you’re working hard at marketing your art, you already know that the more avenues you use to promote yourself, the better. The Internet is loaded with great opportunities to do just that, and when it comes to social media, the obvious choice is Facebook. With well over a billion users worldwide, Facebook is your introduction to potentially thousands of people who could become fans—and collectors—of your artwork.

But do you really need to create a Facebook business page for your artwork, or can you just use a regular personal Facebook account? They’re both free to set up, and they both require an equal amount of time to create and post content and to build relationships with fans. In my opinion, the answer is yes, you should have a separate Facebook business page for your artwork for a number of reasons.

First, a Facebook business page is wide open to anyone who finds it. Unlike a personal Facebook page that protects your personal content, a Facebook business page is designed to be perused and enjoyed by the public. Additionally, the key terms that you input into your Business Page Title will allow people searching within Facebook or even on search engines like Google and Yahoo to find whatever it is you’re offering (such as watercolor floral paintings or pet portraits). You don’t get that with a personal Facebook account.

Second, only your Facebook business page allows you to promote your content in two very useful ways. You can either “boost” a post, meaning your post gets sent out to people beyond those who’ve “liked” your page, or you can set up a full-blown advertisement. Either way, you get to tell Facebook who to boost or advertise to—such as flower enthusiasts or pet owners or all the people who live in your zip code—which means that your message goes to an extremely targeted audience. Yes, of course, you pay for this service, but in general, it’s a minimal investment for a highly targeted promotion.

And finally, if you really want to get fancy, Facebook provides analytics, which means statistical data on who is visiting your Facebook business page so you can get to know your fans and what appeals to them most.

To me, the biggest downside to a Facebook business page is that it requires even more diligence than a personal page. You’ll need to commit to posting to it regularly—say, once or twice a week—because people have come to expect that from Facebook business pages. And you’ll need to check it daily to make sure you respond promptly to anyone who posts a question for you. But despite these disadvantages, I think a Facebook business page is a great investment for the artist who wants to promote his or her artwork easily and relatively inexpensively.

So what’s your opinion? Do you have a separate Facebook business page? How is it working for you? Let’s connect.

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