A System: The Must-Have Item for Keeping Your Art Marketing on Track

Today’s blog post is going to convince you that I have OCD. (I don’t.) Or that I’m way too left-brained to be an artist. (That’s almost true, but somehow I manage.) The truth is, I’m a big believer in planning. For me, stuff just doesn’t get done if I don’t have a plan for doing it. Or worse, I only get some parts done and forget to do other really important parts when I don’t have some system for remembering everything I have to do.

Big projects are always like that, and marketing your art is certainly a big, important project. You don’t want to let it slide, right? And you don’t want to forget important stuff either, right? So you’ve got to figure out some kind of system for remembering all the pieces. (And if you’ve read last week’s post, you know you’ve got a lot of different tactics to keep track of.)

So here’s how I would create a system for managing my art marketing project. I’d begin by brainstorming everything I need to do, including any preliminary steps like things I have to learn or buy. Then I’d separate that master list into two categories: things I have to do just once and things I have to do on an ongoing basis. So when it comes to art marketing, these lists might look something like:

One time only tasks

  • Set up my Facebook professional page
  • Revise my website’s design to reflect my brand
  • Shoot new photos of my studio
  • Update my resume to show all 2016 activity

Ongoing tasks

  • Write three blog posts every week 
  • Shoot photos of new work
  • Update my website with new work
  • Research and enter competitions

From here, I would probably use a calendar or even just a Word doc on my computer to make to-do lists for each week. Daily ongoing tasks would get copied onto every week’s list, while monthly ongoing tasks would only get copied onto one out of every four lists. Then I’d split up the one-time-only tasks so that I only have a few to do each week. I’d prioritize them so that tasks that have to be done by a certain date or preliminary tasks show up on earlier lists, while less urgent tasks get pushed off into the future. And every couple of months or so, I'd revisit the lists and revise as needed.

By now, more than a few readers have stopped reading because this all just seems so obvious. They already have their own systems in place. But for the rest of you—all of you out there seeking some kind of system because stuff just hasn’t been getting done—try giving my system a try. 

What other ideas do you have for planning and systems? Let’s connect!

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