Best Art Marketing Advice: Top 15 Posts of the Year

Before we launch into a new year ahead, I thought it might be nice to look back at the year behind us and review. My web traffic always tells me which topics grab your attention and what's most important to you. So, just in case you missed a few of these, here are my top 15 posts of the year. Enjoy!

Practical Advice on Using Social Media to Market Your Art

Getting the Most From Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

How Do They Do It? Artists With Massive Social Media Followings

Five Ways to Fail at Promoting Your Art on Social Media 

An Efficient Plan for Using Social Media

Three Foolproof Formulas for Writing Engaging Social Media Posts 


Detailed Info on Pricing and Selling Fine Art

The Art of Pricing Fine Art

How to Talk to People About Your Art 

How to Prepare for a Successful Art Fair or Festival

7 Alternative Places to Sell Your Art


Success Stories to Inspire Your Art Marketing Adventures

Launching Your Art Career the Right Way

Why Emerging Artists Should Participate in Competitions 

Lessons From An Art Superstar: Zaria Forman 


Helpful Insights Into Marketing Your Art

Why Market Your Art?

7 Habits of Successful Artists

Do You Have Self-Doubt? Use This Advice to Cure It


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