Social Media Images: Your Brand in Pictures


The vast majority of my connections on social media are people just like you—my fellow artists. As you can imagine, my feeds are loaded with gorgeous image after gorgeous image, usually paintings in a wide range of styles. I love to see all these examples of artwork, and I’m sure the rest of these artists' followers do, too. 

However, posting nothing but finished works means passing up a major opportunity to nurture lasting relationships with your followers. Collectors want to know more about you, so the more variety you put into the images you post, the more likely you’ll be to engage your following. They’ll look forward to seeing what unexpected and interesting thing you’re going to post next. Additionally, posting different types of pictures will show off more of your brand by revealing who you are as an artist, which is so much richer than just your work.

What else could you post? Here are some ideas. Works in progress are one of my favorite things to see, especially when I see the artist’s hand and tools at work.

Or how about showing us other parts of the process, like preliminary sketches and even the framing stage. We want to understand how it all works.

Invite us inside your studio where the magic happens! This is fascinating to artists and non-artists alike.

Take us along to events, and I don’t just mean your exhibitions. How about other exhibitions, lectures, and workshops, too. Show us the other “art stuff” you do when you’re not working.

Museums! Fantastic idea. How else could you show people some of your influences through your posts?

And finally, show as much of your personal life as you’re comfortable sharing. Use the text part of the message to explain how scenes from your daily life (which can be as simple as the view from your front door) relate to your work.

What other ideas do you have for interesting and unusual posts for artists? Let's connect!

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