Three Easy Ways to Grow Your Subscriber List

Has the number of subscribers on your mailing list been hovering around the same level for months or even years? If so, you might be headed for a problem. I mean, it’s great to be nurturing relationships with that core group of die-hard fans, but you also want to be building new relationships with new people, too. One of the keys to using this marketing tactic effectively is to keep that number growing because your success depends on an ever-widening circle of potential collectors.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: That’s easier said than done. Okay, with the emphasis on “easy,” here are three small steps you can take to increase your list of subscribers:

1. Look for new additions in your daily life. When you really think about it—as in, if you focus on this and bring it into your awareness—you’ll find that you frequently have face-to-face networking opportunities with the people you interact with on a regular basis. So, are all of these people on your list? How about your favorite barista? Your kid’s soccer coach? Acquaintances at your place of worship? Your financial advisor? You never know which one of them might be in the mood to buy some artwork, so get in the habit of talking to the people you meet about your artwork and asking if they’d like to be on your mailing list if they seem interested. (And I hope it goes without saying that every time you participate in an art-related event, such as an art fair or art exhibit, you should do whatever you need to do to collect e-mail addresses—guestbook, bowl to collect business cards, etc.)

2. Enlist the help of your fans. From time to time, it doesn’t hurt to ask your existing subscribers to help you grow your list. You could finish out one of your e-newsletters by explaining that you’d like to reach more people, then invite them to forward your e-newsletter on to any and all friends they think might like your artwork. Your followers appreciate what you do and they want to support you, so they’ll probably welcome the chance to help you by doing this simple task.

3. Offer your website visitors multiple invitations to subscribe. This suggestion seems to make a lot of people nervous because nobody wants to seem too pushy, but you can and should give people several prompts to subscribe. I recommend having a small subscription form on your home page and a link to a dedicated subscription page as part of your navigation menu. On top of that, I also recommend using a service like Privy (or Pop-up Ally or Hello Bar, if you have a WordPress site) to create a pop-up window. It can be small and unobtrusive, and you can even design it to appear only when a visitor is about to leave your site. (More tips on pop-up windows here.) All of these subscription forms, by the way, should mention what the person will receive when he or she signs up for your awesome e-newsletter. You’ve got to give them a good reason to subscribe.

Of course, once you’ve encouraged people to sign up for your e-newsletter, you’ll want to keep them engaged with routine messages. I recommend a monthly shot, but you could do it every six, eight, or even twelve weeks, too.

What have been your most successful methods for growing your mailing list? Let’s connect!

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