Three Foolproof Formulas for Writing Engaging Social Media Posts

Have you ever noticed how sometimes you see someone’s post on social media, and dozens or even hundreds of people have commented, liked, shared, retweeted, or pinned it? Then there are other posts that just float right by with hardly anyone commenting on them, right? What’s the difference? The first kind ask people to engage with the message, and that’s exactly what you want when you’re using social media to market your art.

You see, it isn't just about being popular in the virtual world of Facebook. It's actually critically important to post engaging messages on your professional page. When Facebook sees someone who is posting content that gets a lot of responses, it will push that content out to more people, which is the whole reason you're using Facebook to market your art, right? But when Facebook notices that nobody interacts with your posts, it stops pushing them out to people, even those who have "liked" your professional page. That's when you start seeing messages that read "16 people reached" when you know you have 143 people who have liked your professional page.

The good news is that engagement doesn’t have to be left entirely up to chance. You can actually encourage interaction by using one of these three formulas for success. Just keep your target audience in mind, as well as your own artwork and brand, when you’re dreaming up topics for these engaging posts.

1. A fill-in-the-blank post. This is a fun way to encourage your followers to be creative when they’re responding to your image and post. 

A great title for this artwork would be ___________.
If you had to describe this artwork in one word, it would be ___________.
Fill in the blank: My favorite subject for a work of art is ____________.
Fill in the blank: I always take a closer look when I notice the color _____________ in a work of art.

2. A Like-if-you post. This type of post is designed to drum up some excitement for the artwork, art event, or anything else you can think of that might relate to the image you’ve selected. These can just as easily be retweets and pins, too!

Like if you’re excited that spring is on its way. [or summer or fall or whatever’s appropriate]
Like if you can’t get enough of the color green. [or blue or red or whatever works with the artwork you’re showing]
Like if you’ll be stopping by my booth at the Art Festival this weekend.

 3. A Like-vs-Share competition. Lots of people love a little harmless competition, and this type of post takes full advantage of that. If you can come up with two opposing things related to your artwork, you can get people to vote for their favorites.

Like if you prefer bright colors in your artwork, but Share if you prefer softer colors.
Like if you prefer spring and summer landscapes, but Share if you prefer fall and winter landscapes.
Like if you prefer paintings of cats, but Share if you think dog paintings rock!
I can only enter one of these two paintings in a national competition, and I need your help in choosing the right one. Like if you think I should enter Rocky Coast, but Share if you think I should enter Stream at Sunset.

Now it’s your turn! I’d love to see your examples of the social media posts that have generated the most engagement for you. Let’s connect!

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