Three Quick Tips for Boosting Your Social Media Traffic

Building that fan base on social media is an important goal for many of us fine artists. So how can you attract more attention to your posts and tweets? Here are three easy tips:

1. Know the right times to post. Your messages will have a better chance of being seen and read if you post at the peak times when each social media platform gets the most traffic. And the times they are a-changin’ so here are the latest stats I could find on the best times to post to each of the major social media platforms:

Facebook 6-8 am, 2-5 pm
Twitter 1-2 pm
Pinterest 2-4 pm, 8-11 pm
Instagram 5-6 pm
LinkedIn 7-9 am, 5-6 pm

2. Find a variety of ways to engage. Sending out the same kind of message over and over gets a bit dull for your followers so mix it up a bit. Sometimes you can offer straight-up information such as the date and time of your next show opening, but you can also ask questions, request feedback, share something you like or think would interest your followers, and more. You can also vary the types of photos and videos you include to show finished works of art, works-in-progress, or scenes from your art studio and artist's life. So get creative with the type of posts and tweets you’re offering.

3. Monitor what’s working. If you’re practicing both of the first two tips, you’ll also want to track your progress over time. Go back through old messages and study which of them yielded the most responses. Which images got the most likes? Which questions got the most answers? Did the messages you posted in the early mornings get a greater response than mid-day or evening messages? And correlate all that with your website metrics to find out which messages drove the most traffic to your site. Whatever works for you, do more of it!

What great tips do you have to offer? Let’s connect!

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