Truth-bombs: Using Metrics to Improve Your Marketing

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So tell me, how do you measure success? After talking to hundreds of artists about art marketing over the years, I’ve realized that many artists measure the success of their marketing efforts by how much work they’re selling. Since sales are a direct result of marketing, your sales levels may be a good indicator of how effectively you’re marketing your work. But they’re certainly not the only measure of success. 

In fact, if you feel like you’re making some effort to market your work but it’s still not selling, it’s really useful to look at other “metrics,” or ways to measure your activity. These other metrics may uncover some places where your efforts aren’t as strong or consistent as you’d thought. The truth may surprise you a bit, but the upside to checking on your metrics is that you’ll see exactly where you can improve. 

So what are some of the metrics you could use to evaluate your marketing activity? First, let’s talk about consistency. It’s so important to commit to a routine for doing whatever types of marketing you’re doing, so perhaps it would be useful to look back over this past year’s records to see how consistent you’ve been. Have you been making posts about your art on social media several times a week? Did you send out an e-newsletter at the frequency you committed to? Did you send out press releases every time you had something newsworthy to share? Have you blogged as often as you said you would? It’s so easy to get busy and decide to cut yourself some slack by skipping these things occasionally, but when you review your records you may be surprised to learn just how often you’ve let things slide. (I've done it, too!)

You can also review the volume of response you’re getting to these various marketing activities. Let’s take social media, for instance. The purpose of your activity there should be to establish and nurture relationships, so how are you doing in terms of interacting with people? Is your number of friends and followers increasing? When you post, how often are you remembering to include some kind of engaging question or comment that generates conversation? Is the number of responses healthy? How many “likes” and shares are you getting? And how often do you respond to others’ responses in an effort to keep the conversation going? 

You can research these same questions for all of your other marketing tools, too. Your website is definitely something to look at. Are you seeing a steady increase in the amount of traffic you’re getting? Are other methods of reaching out actually driving people to your site? Some websites may even allow you to dig a bit deeper and find out how many pages, on average, visitors are looking at. And how about your e-newsletter open rate? If even 20% of the people on your list are opening your e-newsletter, you’re doing great, but what if your open rate is lower?

If your metrics paint a picture that you’re not too happy with, don’t feel bad! I certainly see places where I can improve upon my efforts, and I believe there’s probably room for improvement for everyone. So here’s the challenge I’m setting for myself, and feel free to join me if you’d like. First, I’m going to record exactly where I am with all of these metrics right now. Then I’m going to pick one area to focus on for the next three months. I’m thinking it’s going to be Facebook, but you might feel the need to pick something else. I’m going to educate myself on how to improve and really practice hard at making it work. And in three months’ time, I’m going to check my metrics again with the intention of seeing a positive change! Are you with me?

I’ve mentioned quite a few metrics we can use here to measure our success, but I’m sure there are more. What other metrics do you use? Let’s connect!

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