Why I’m Now In Favor of Blogging

“Blogging is the source of all my marketing,” my new client told me with great enthusiasm earlier this week. “Once I’ve put together my content for my blog, everything else is a piece of cake!”

I’ll be honest. That surprised me. For years, I’ve thought that blogging was a nice, but not essential, extra tactic that artists could use to market their fine art. But believing that it might require too much extra time, I’ve never really encouraged my clients and other artists to blog, and most artists I’ve met have shown relatively little interest in creating a blog as part of their art marketing strategy. Yet, after listening to my new friend and her approach to blogging, her philosophy made so much sense to me that I’m actually a big believer in blogging again!

Here’s why: Chances are good that you are already creating content for your monthly newsletters and all your various social media posts, right? Well, if you follow this artist’s methods—let’s call her Carolyn—you can create all the content you need for your newsletters, your posts, andyour blog without investing a whole lot more time than what you’re doing now.

Carolyn actually starts by creating the content for her blog posts first. She says she sets aside a few days each month to crank out around eight blog posts because she feels that two posts a week is a good pace for her purpose. Most of them are sort of a medium length, about 500 to 1,000 words each, although occasionally some are shorter. Either way, she makes sure she has lots of images to intersperse throughout the text.

Once she’s got those squared away, she then picks two or three of them and revises them for use in her newsletter. By “revising,” she means condensing. Carolyn believes, and I think she’s probably right, that newsletters should contain shorter blurbs of only a couple of hundred words each, so condensing what she’s already written is a fast and easy way to generate most of the content she needs for her monthly art newsletter. And again, she’s already got a selection of images to choose from.

And finally, she takes all those same images, slices and dices the blog post content, and puts them all together into short-and-sweet social media posts. She likes to use HootSuite to schedule all of these posts in advance, at least one a day on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even LinkedIn. (HootSuite is easy to use, and I’ve also used Later.) And of course, two of those social media posts each week are announcing her latest blog posts.

One thing I really appreciate about Carolyn’s social media approach is that, even though she has daily pre-scheduled posts, she also creates more posts on the fly when something fun or interesting happens. Now, here’s the best part: She saves up all those on-the-fly posts and repurposes them into—you guessed it—blog posts for the following month.

At this point, you may be wondering what she finds to blog about. When I asked her, she laughed and said, “Anything and everything.” Then she paused and clarified, “Well, anything that’s related to my life as an artist, which is connected to all other areas of my life.” She went on to say that some posts look forward to things that are happening in the future, while other posts look back to important events in the past. Some are deeply personal and introspective, while others are more technical in nature. In other words, any topic at the intersection of art and life is fair game!

The one thing we haven’t talked about yet is why she blogs. How does it fit into her overall strategy? Carolyn says blogging gives her a reason to invite her social media followers to visit her website… twice a week! That’s incredible. Her website sees a steady flow of visitors thanks to her blogging, and many of them go on to become subscribers, the ultimate goal.

I’m sure why you can see why I love Carolyn’s methods so much. Basically, she’s creating her content once, then repurposing it to be used in other ways again and again. That’s smart and efficient art marketing!

Now, I’d love to know whether you’re blogging or not. And if so, what have been some of your favorite art subjects to blog about? Leave me a Comment below so we can Connect!

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