The Story of Connect


Jennifer KingOne of the things I value most in life is creativity, and one of the things that gives me an enduring sense of joy and purpose is encouraging creativity in others. My name is Jennifer King Logan, and my passion for creativity and desire to serve others are the foundation of Connect Artist Marketing.

For more than 20 years, fine art has been at the center of my personal and professional life. But even as a child, I loved art. When I went to college to study graphic design, I took quite a few fine art classes but graduated with the firm conviction that I had absolutely no talent as an artist. Zip. Zilch. Zero. I thought I was destined to be an art lover, but never an artist. Luckily for me, I later met a gifted painting teacher named Tina Tammaro, who talked me into trying again. After many years of studying with her, I started exhibiting and selling my landscapes done in oil—often en plein air—as well as my photography and jewelry. I know what a thrill it is when someone connects with a piece I’ve created. It’s completely amazing and profoundly fulfilling, isn't it?

My long-time “day job” in publishing, which morphed from design into editing and writing and content development, has also been intertwined with fine art for many years. I’m honored to have been part of the editorial staff of four major art instruction magazines, including International Artist and The Artist's Magazine, and to have written articles and blogged for several others. Through these associations, I was blessed with opportunities to collaborate with amazing artists on their art instruction books by editing Dan McCaw’s A Proven Strategy for Creating Great Art, Tom Lynch’s Watercolor Secrets, Ramon Kelley’s The 5 Essentials in Every Powerful Painting, Wende Caporale’s Painting Children’s Portraits in Pastel, Carlton Plummer’s Create Dramatic Coastal Scenes in Watercolor, and C.W. Mundy’s Memoirs: Charles Warren Mundy, American Impressionist.

Somewhere along the way, I also started sharing what I was learning about fine art marketing through lectures and workshops. I’ve had so much fun at these events! I discovered that I love teaching, mentoring, and coaching. It’s been a true privilege to meet and talk with so many, many talented artists through the years, and I have learned so much about the creation of art as well as the business of art from the generous sharing within the community of fellow artists.

About five years ago, my interest in the fine art business really took off, so I decided to do two things. First, to get an insider’s view into the fascinating gallery world, I apprenticed at a fine art gallery where I focused on developing the gallery’s online marketing and promotions. Second, I decided to return to school to earn a master’s degree in marketing.

Today I am truly a blend of an entrepreneur’s head for business and an artist’s heart for creating, and I’m bringing these diverse pockets of knowledge and range of skills together in a service business for artists. Here’s how I see that playing out through Connect Artist Marketing:

My mission is to help other artists achieve their career goals by collaboratively sharing my expertise in marketing and my knowledge of the art world.
My goal is to give artists more time and space to practice their craft.
My dream is to contribute to the growing community of successful artists.
What I really want is to help artists Connect.
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