How to Market Your Art Without Sacrificing Time in the Studio

Most artists I know would really rather not think about the business end of art. They'd rather be painting or sculpting or making their art. But if you’re serious about your art—if art is going to be more than just a hobby—you know you’ve got to engage in at least some self-promotional and art marketing activities.

I’m guessing that you’re visiting this website because you’d like to spend more time creating artwork and less time on marketing. You'd like to unlock the secrets to building a successful career as an artist—however you personally define success. You may even wish you could have your own marketing assistant so you could rest easy, knowing all the self-promotional stuff is taken care of.

You've come to the right place!

    I'm Jennifer King Logan, and through my association with hundreds of artists just like you, I have learned that this is a universal dream shared by all artists. I have also seen the frustration artists like you feel when you don’t know how to realize your dreams, and even more often, when you simply don't have the time to do it all. You've taken the art marketing workshops, bought all the books and DVDs, and all you feel now is overwhelmed.

    The good news is that I have a deep knowledge of the art world and I’m a skilled marketer, dedicated to seeking out the latest methods, and I can help. Not only can I guide you, I will DO IT FOR YOU!

    Every artist’s journey to success begins in the same place: getting noticed.

    That’s what marketing really means. It’s all about building awareness, making connections, and maintaining ongoing relationships with the people who can help you realize your dreams. And that need to connect never ends, no matter how long you’ve been sharing your art with the world. Galleries no longer do it for artists, so artists have to be proactive.

    Working closely with dozens of artists over the years has allowed me to develop a rock-solid approach to art marketing. So, if you feel like you need extra help from me, I'd be happy to collaborate with you! Hire me to be your virtual marketing assistant, or ask me to do just a few simple tasks. You'll find I offer a number of different services and premium packages designed to meet your needs.

    My clients have seen increased sales, higher workshop attendance, exponential growth in social media fans and followers, and more. What can I do for you?

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