What People Are Saying About Connect Artist Marketing

"She does a fantastic job. She has been clear about her purpose and concerned about my needs. A BIG thumbs up!"

—Gil Dellinger, artist


"The Connect Artist Marketing workshop helped me focus on and plan my art marketing, which I was always putting on the back burner. Jennifer laid out a clear path for me specific to my art and career objectives. Plus if I find art marketing something I just can't/don't want to do, I can rely on her or the many resources she sited."

—Christine Kuhr, artist


"I was so happy with the way the workshop was presented by Jennifer. She went through step by step in her analysis of how an artist goes about marketing him/herself. For me it was a balance of affirming what I already knew with learning all sorts of new information and tips. I have never been to a workshop that I enjoyed or benefited from more. Thanks, Jennifer!"

--Connie Springer, artist


"I came into the Connect Artist Marketing workshop completely confused, and I'm leaving with such clarity about what I should do."

—Tracey Haynes, artist