Cincinnati Art Club Workshop

Connect Artist Marketing

$ 200.00
Cincinnati Art Club Workshop

Is 2016 the year you’ll shift your
art marketing efforts into a higher gear?

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or an emerging artist, you can start the year off right by designing a customized marketing plan that will help you meet your professional goals as an artist.

This interactive two-day workshop combines periods of lecture with a number of opportunities for hands-on group work and coaching. We’ll cover these essential marketing topics, and you’ll emerge with a tailored plan for marketing your art your way:


  •             Why Artists Need Branding
  •             How to Define Your Target Market
  •             Six Ways to Describe Your Brand 

Promoting Your Brand

  •             Promotional Items
  •             Gaining Exposure
  •             Networking and Social Media
  •             Public Relations & Publicity

Selling Your Work

  •             Selling To Customers Online
  •             Selling To Customers in Person
  •             Working With Galleries

Devising a Marketing Strategy

  •             Putting It All Together in a Plan
  •             Breaking It Down Into Manageable Tasks